Thursday, December 06, 2007

Step one complete!

Part of the bar exam is a separate test called the "multistate professional responsibility exam" or MPRE, which is a test on the model rules of professional responsibility. Essentially, it's a test on the ethical rules all lawyers must abide by - lawyers policing lawyers. In many ways, this is what sets the legal profession apart from other professions, except perhaps the medical profession.

This test can be taken anytime within two years of taking the bar exam itself. I took it last month and a couple days ago I found out that I passed. Very excited am I! This is, essentially, part one of passing the bar itself, and I'm finished with it (assuming that I actually do pass the bar when I take it). It's strange how quickly time seems to be moving, I'm literally only a year away from being finished with school, and only about 9 months from finishing classwork (my last term will be entirely devoted to an externship). Soon I'll be out there actually practicing, so watch out!

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