Friday, September 28, 2007


Yes, I passed all my classes last term, but this time I am going to appeal at least one, and probably two grades. For now I'll leave it at that, but once the process is over I'll probably post some comments. Needless to say, while I did fine overall, this was not my best term (outside of moot court).

I will have my bluebooks this afternoon, and will have about a week to file the appeals. stay tuned.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Two down. . .

. . . two to go. This means that I'm still waiting on grades for two of my classes. It's like this every term. Our grades are posted electronically, and they are "due" by the Monday of week four (which happens to be next Monday). This means that, between exam week, break, and week four, as many as seven weeks pass while we wait for our grades. Now that wouldn't be so bad if we just got a report card in the mail, but some grades are posted early (graduating students' grades are due on the Monday of week 1, for example, and other classes which don't have exams are posted pretty quickly too), which ends up teasing us into checking . . . every . . . day. Even though we know that they are unlikely to be posted.

The other problem is when a teacher tells us that he turned in our grades two weeks ago, but they just haven't been posted yet. That happened for Con Law I this term. I have the same prof for Con Law II and he told us the first week of class that the grades were in. That was two weeks ago Friday, and the grades were finally posted yesterday. So it takes almost two weeks for them to scan the page and post it online?

Which means we could be waiting even longer, for the grades are "due" on week four, meaning that's when the professor has to have them graded. as for when they are "posted"? who knows.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Another day, another new term in law school

Here we go, today is the start of yet another term in law school. The nice thing for me is (assuming that I passed all of my classes last term) that I'm exactly half-way finished. After grades are in (by week 4), I will have 45 credits, half of what I need to graduate.

This term will be both fun and boring. I don't expect to enjoy Business Organizations too much, though I've heard really good things about my prof. I will have the same prof again for constitutional law II, which is a good thing, and of course I'll be neck deep in the moot court national team until about Thanksgiving (the regional tournament is nov 17-18; after that the national finals are not until Feb). ADR is the wild card for me. I've heard it's easy and very fun, however it is a practice area that I have very little interest in so we shall see. I plan on embracing all, like every term, so it should be fun.

To all others, good luck this term. (DJ, will I see you on Fridays this term?)