Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Lets just say that. . .

I survived my first term of law school. A- in 3 classes, B in the 4th for a 3.38 gpa. not a bad start, though I guess I blew my chance at graduating with a 4.0.

In other news, we're settling in to our new home rather nicely, and I will likely post some pictures just for the hell of it sometime in the future.

be on the lookout for interesting blogs coming soon, I'm starting to get into some interesting material in class this term, so I'll be sure to post something worthwhile soon enough . . .

Saturday, September 09, 2006


Been some time since I've posted anything, so this will just be a short note to bring all 5 or 6 of you up to date. My wife and dogs and I drove across most of the country in 4+ days with a U-Haul filled with our belongings, and made it without any incident at all. It was actually a rather easy trip, all things considered - the dogs handled it just fine and we had great weather the whole way. We didn't even get caught in Chicago traffic (a miracle all by itself).

Now we're mostly moved in to our new home here in western Michigan, and I've had my first week of classes for the next term. So far so good, I actually feel comfortable with school at this point. we did have a bit of weather last night, very cool electrical storm, looked a bit like this:

So far I only have one grade - an A- in Torts, which I'm very happy with. Our grades aren't supposed to be posted until week 4 (or earlier), so I'll just have to wait and stress out about it until they're all posted.

That's it for now.