Saturday, August 12, 2006


Last night I took my last final exam, for property 1. By the time I was finished, I felt completely brain dead. I can't even remember what I wrote for the last third of my essay. I still think I did OK on all of my exams, but boy am I glad it's over, for the first term at least.

I'll only make one observation about all of this prior to getting my grades (no matter how I feel about my exams, I won't really know until I see the results). The greatest feeling I have right now is that I actually belong here. I understand the law (so far), and understand the process. I seem to excel at certain areas, and can even hold my own in the areas I'm not so strong in. That feeling, that I am where I need to be, is confirmation for all of the sacrifices that I and others are making in order to do this.

Today I fly back to Portland for a break, and to move my wife, dogs, belongings and so forth back here to Michigan. I'll have two weeks of vacation with my son, mixed in with (I'm sure) frenetic bouts of packing and the like, and then a 5 day drive across the country in a u-haul. During that time I'm not too likely to update my blog, but stay tuned. Hopefully my next post will be about my grades (cross your fingers).