Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Why Law School #2

it occurs to me that the entire diatribe below fails to answer the question i posed at the top. i suppose that means i'll make a great lawyer, but hey.

the short, simple answer is this: law school actually sounds like fun to me. crazy? perhaps. i enjoy the notion of the intellectual back and forth that goes on in a good lawyer's mind. i like the challenge of defending untenable positions (or people). i like the nitpicking approach to legal issues that law school requires. i like outlining, briefing, detailed case analysis, and i'm fascinated by the legal issues that are put forth in every case. i have been reading a book about contract law (something that, on face, seems rather boring), and am finding myself fascinated by the real world issues presented. i like the stories that lead to cases, that further lead to decisions, that further set legal precedent. i love the malleability of common law, and am finding myself in awe of our legal system.

in short, i'm a fan of the law, and i want to be a player in the legal game. finance is, well, finite. it's limited. sure economies ebb and flow, but ultimately it's the same rules to the same game played over and over again. comparing it to law is like comparing a game of war (the card game) to 3-D chess. the complexities, the intricacies, and the pure, reductionist, detailed analysis of legal thinking is what i'm after, and i believe i'll get it in spades.

that's it. i have been reading plenty on law, legal theory, how to prepare for law school, etc etc, and all of it excites me (perhaps more on that part later). today i received one of my textbooks (i ordered them through the mail), and it contains the UCC (uniform commercial code) and part of the restatement on contracts (if you don't know, it would take me awhile to explain what that is). i got all excited. maybe i'm nuts but hey, that's why i'm doing this in the first place, right?

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