Monday, April 10, 2006


welcome to my blog. i'm heading off to law school as an old man, at least by law school standards, and thought it would be fun to record my thoughts and experiences for anyone to read. or nobody. i don't really mind either way as i'm doing this for me, to blow off steam, to speak my mind, or to blather on incessantly about various nonsensical items that may or may not invade my brain. as you can see i don't much care about capitalization, you'll have to live with that.

as i write i am preparing to drive halfway across the country to a new state, new city, and plant relatively shallow roots while i attend law school. school for me starts in may, and if you are discerning you might figure out where i'm going to school based on just that. i'll leave that for your clever mind to figure out. i'll say that i'm not going to a prestige school, and about that i couldn't care less. i'm not going to law school for prestige anyway, but other, more ambiguous reasons. i suppose i'll get more into those later as this little blog grows. suffice it to say that after fifteen years or so in the real world, it will be a huge relief and grand adventure to plunge back into the world of academia. unlike many, i am looking forward to law school; i intend to enjoy the game and play it well. i plan on making the most of my second career (did i really have a career before this? WHOA!), wherever this adventure takes me.

so. i can be crass at times, boring at times, i can fail at attempts at humor. but i will always be me, so if you like, read on. if you don't, move on. either way, welcome aboard. i'm very excited to begin, and i'll do my best to keep updating this weblog as much as i can.

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Shannon said...

Welcome to Blogland! Glad I could talk you into it!