Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Future of the supreme court?

a good article on FindLaw here on the potential effect of the upcoming election on the makeup of the US Supreme Court.

definitely food for thought, considering the direction the court has moved in the past few years, especially with Bush II's appointments. . .


DJ McCurry said...

I'm taking Con Law II with Schindler in GR (at least at this point). Waiting on the "wait list."

DJ McCurry said...

Haha...go figure. I was on a comittee of students that approved him for full-time status last term. He seems like a great guy--good to have it confirmed.

I don't have a clue what you look like or even your full name. Not fair.

DJ McCurry said...

Not fair. There are too many names on that e-mail list. Unfortunately, I'll be home in Canton, MI, celebrating my dad's 50th birthday.

So.. fess up! =)

DJ McCurry said...

Of course! Thanks. =)

Us bloggers are planning a get-together at the start of fall-term. Fox Law and I hope to see you there.

~MM~ said...

Hah, I realize I'm considerably late on this one, but this Findlaw article was very interesting and something to seriously consider.

It makes one wonder what a contender like Ron Paul might do in this election. While he's a Republican by party, he's more a Democrat in his beliefs and platforms. Which party do you think he'll pull votes from and is it possible that he'll pull enough votes to win the 2008 presidential election?

I shutter to think what will happen if even one more conservative gets elected to the bench. I'm already appalled, disillusioned and disgruntled by the current Supreme Court and their seemingly endless 5-4 overturnings of good, long settled law that slowly continues to chip away at our constitutional rights and freedoms.

Plus, how are we supposed to argue our cases when the standing precedent law is continuously overturned? We'll have nowhere to turn.

Sorry for the rant!!!


Enki said...

Thanks for the reply :) I'm afraid, for all the libertarians out there, that Ron Paul hasn't a chance in [you know what] of winning the election. he's an interesting guy, but not a real political threat to anybody.

the repubs will nominate rudy or mitt, and the dems will likely nominate hillary. unfortunately, she gets my vote in that scenario.