Sunday, June 10, 2007

Irony, Bork Style

Well known tort reform activist Robert Bork is suing Yale University, for compensatory and punitive damages after a slip and fall on campus. One conservative blog takes great pains to call Bork out for the apparent hypocisy - that a leading tort reformer should not be seeking punitive damages.

For me, I hope he wins his suit; after all, Bork's kind of tort reform would cripple the system, and what better way to send that message than what's happening to him right now. However, the irony is rather tasty either way.


Thus Spake Shmoo said...

Oh the 9th comment wasn't really directed at you. Since... eh the 9th has never really been used.

Sadly, there is no 9th amen jurisprudence. In a world where the court has said that the 10 is nothing more then a truism - the 9th which really has no actors supporting it (when was the last time you heard a pol voluntatily restrict their own power?) has been dead for a long time.

And yeah my post was all over the place - mixing federal/state/local stuff. Nothing too focused. Happens with my posting way too much...

Thus Spake Shmoo said...

I hope you've seen/read the SCOTUS blog. It really is a one-stop shop for all things current-supreme court wise. I had it linked to my blog - but in the template change it was lost.

Heck just to show how good they are - today (thursday) the court was announcing opinions at 10am. At 10:03am the site had a post about them.

also check out their 'stat tracker' -- a really interesting 5 page pdf that shows the yearly breakdown of the opinons...

Thus Spake Shmoo said...

Hmmm. I should email you this directly, eh? If i knew your address...

Ok. So you've linked to the SCOTUS - so i'm guessing that you like it (i credit it to my killing the curve in conlawI -- as one essay question was a commerce clause question that was the exact fact pattern of a case that CJ Roberts had discented in - which was linked to on that blog - and i had read. ... Kinda easy to answer an essay question when you've already read the case it was based on. I opened up that exam and started laughing.

People hated me.

Anyway a second site is the how appealing site. I'd suggest that ANY headline that has anything to do with a judge in this country is linked to on Howard Bashman's site.

The Author came to cooley and gave a little speech - nice guy. Before it started he was on his laptop blogging away.

DJ McCurry said...

Yes, I'm doing the first-year moot court competition. Looking forward to it.

That story I posted on my blog about the search warrant mistake sounds like a great problem for the competition, no? =)

Hope school is going well for you.
Fox is trying to get a bunch of us fellow bloggers together at the end of the summer.