Friday, July 07, 2006

another update

I know it's been awhile again since I've posted anything. I don't have much of an excuse this time, except that I just haven't been inspired to write. It's hot as hell here, and humid too, and my air conditioner only barely works. Quite an effective way to sap the energy.

The only news here is that I'll be a bailiff this weekend at the Moot Court competition. A decent description of what moot court is, from Wikipedia, can be found here. I'll be sure to report back on Monday and let you know how that went.

Two weeks ago I took a practice exam, and will be meeting on Monday with an advisor to go over it. I haven't seen the score yet, but I will find out on Monday.

Other than that, we have just 4 more weeks of instruction until review week, then finals. 6 more weeks of the term left. Time is flying by, but it's been quite fun so far.


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Anonymous said...

How'd it go. Did you get to wear a badge, pack heat, or at least a squirt gun?

This could be LARP'in court style :D