Wednesday, June 14, 2006

So, it's been awhile

I've been pretty busy lately so I haven't had either the opportunity or the inspiration to post anything. My apologies to the 5 of you reading, so here is a quick update.

My wife came to visit last weekend and we went to Lake Michigan to check out the big lake. Boy is that a big lake. It looks like the ocean, except the water is fresh and there aren't any tides to speak of. It gets pretty windy though so there are waves. It's way bigger than any lake on the west coast, that's for sure. I'll try to post some pictures once the wife emails them to me. All in all it was great to spend a few days with her, as it's been almost two months since we've seen each other. Two more months to go and then I'll have a 3 week break. Yay!

I had 3 midterms last week, in torts, contracts, and criminal law. I have the results back for two - 16/20 in torts (the average was 14), and 14/20 in contracts (the average there was 11), and I'm still waiting for my crim results. I'm happy in general, although there were a couple of questions on the contracts test that I should have gotten. Either way, it's ony 10% of my grade, and I didn't do anything to hurt myself.

Not much other news, I'll post something more substantive soon.


Anonymous said...

You'll be singing the praises of that huge lake come late October.

Can you say lake affect snow or is it lake effect snow? Never could get those two straight :p

Anyway, hopefully you're lucky anbd will be back out west in the winter.


Anonymous said...

Glad you did reasonably well on your midterms, sounds like you are doing ok :)